Teaching & Meditation CDs


 “Finding the Divine & Leap of Faith” CD is about finding love in everyday relationships and increasing our level of faith and trust.  There is also a beautiful meditation on the CD.

Finding the Divine $16 including shipping  



 “Healing Heart Meditation & Guardian Angel Meditation” CD is comprised of two twenty minute guided meditations about experiencing healing through the heart and about meeting your guardian angels.

Healing Heart $16 including shipping 



“Dare to Dream” CD is about creating your dreams no matter what is happening in your life.  It includes inspirational stories about shifting into greater possibilities.  It includes a beautiful healing meditation with music.

 (This is not an audio version of the book.)

Dare to Dream – CD $16 including shipping 



 “Shifting Into Miracle Thinking”CD is about creating miracles, shifting into the heart space and believing that all things are possible.  Includes a guided meditation.

Shifting into Magical Thinking $16 including shipping