Services Available

Transformational Process of Healing and Counseling:

Trained as an interfaith minister, spiritual counselor and Psych-K facilitator, David’s work is psychospiritual (sacred psychology) and people report powerful breakthroughs for mind, body and spirit. His personal journey includes working with higher dimensional energies, including angelic energies. He is also celebrated for his ability to work with an interfaith perspective and each person’s own individual wisdom to help release fear, unplug from struggle, and connect with inner God perspective and clarity in viewing life experiences and challenges. These choices ultimately result in enjoying life (rather than enduring life) and supports the Great Shift from Survival to Thrival.

Healing Gatherings:

Churches (primarily Unity & Church of Religious Science) and other groups welcome David’s inspired teaching and healing support with special emphasis on the message of opening the heart, and synchronizing the mind and the heart to expand the possibilities to include  powerful healing realities for body, mind and spirit. Numerous healings and miracles have been reported as a result of his ministry. Hands-on healing with prayer is always available for everyone.

Workshops & Seminars for Church Groups, Conferences and Boards of Directors: 

Exquisite teaching, powerful healing experiences & learning to give and receive  healing energies are offered through workshops ranging from 3 hours to 2 days. Special support is given for people to express more fully their magnificence and the special healing gifts of their lives. Hands-on healing with prayer is always available for everyone. Topics for workshops include:

  • Psych-K (Retrain the brain through subconscious reprogramming)
  • Creating Your Dreams
  • Shifting info Miracle Thinking
  • Miracle Shifts for Shifting Times
  • Now is the Time to Do Greater Things
  • Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Other workshops available depending on the needs of your group.
Sunday Services:
  • Inspired, Humorous, Heart Connected Messages
  • Lessons involving current life issues
  • Wonderful Storytelling
  • Powerful Healing Meditations
Facilitation for Churches & Boards
  •  Resolving Conflict Creatively
  •  Learning to see Chaos & Conflict as Opportunities for Growth & Healing
  •  Enhancement of Supportive Communication Skills
  •  Managing Stress and Creating Optimal Performance & Productivity
  •  Support in Shifts such as: Making Change to New Minister, Chaos/Conflict Work, Breaking Through Fear/Limitations
  • Psych-K to install positive and productive beliefs into the subconscious to insure the group is in sync and shares a common vision and belief for creating.
Private Counseling/Healing & Psych-K Sessions:

 1 – 2 hour sessions are available. The focus is a blend of psychological and spiritual with special awareness on assisting each person in gaining a soul level understanding of life experiences and creating healing perspectives and remarkable outcomes for body, mind and spirit. Psych-K sessions are available to retrain the brain, install positive and productive beliefs into the subconscious and create positive behaviors.  Psych-K also helps to release self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

 Telephone Counseling:

David is available for phone counseling and Psych-K sessions with individuals throughout the country. Appointments can be made for  $65/hour.  The focus is psychospiritual, with emphasis on assisting individuals to gain soul level understanding, create positive subconscious beliefs and behaviors and to create healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit for the individual and their loved ones.

Personal Power Dynamics Coaching & Psych-K Sessions:

David works with individuals, businesses and organizations, at varied rates, to promote excellence in achieving goals and creating heart desires. Some areas he works in are:

  • Motivational training to move out of stuck places
  • Breaking through fear
  • Improving performance
  • Enhancing health and wellness skills
  • Confidence & Self esteem
  • Psych-K in group settings

Ask about personally designed coaching programs for 30 days to 1 year.