Rev. David Hiller, M.Ed. is an ordained interfaith minister, author, spiritual counselor, Psych-K facilitator and personal empowerment coach who also has a Masters degree in counseling. He has traveled extensively in the U.S. conducting workshops about retraining the brain, subconscious reprogramming, healing, meditation and fear release. He has extensive counseling and Psych-K experience working with individuals and groups in their healing process.


David is known for his enthusiastic coaching skills in helping people to break through fears and has taught at Santa Barbara City College, Univ. of Calif.-S.B and Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach. His exquisite healing meditations have inspired church congregations throughout the country. He also taught at Southern Oregon University and was a part-time minister and counselor at Unity of Ashland (Sherry Lady, Senior Minister) for years. He and his wife Margaret (Spiritual Leader at Unity of Myrtle Beach) reside in Pawleys Island, SC, and he maintains a counseling, healing & Psych-K practice working with individuals by phone and in person.


In 2011 David and his business partner, Edward Randolph, created a new company titled “Mind Power Dynamics”. This company was established to create powerful CDs that can be heard both subliminally and audibly for positive subconscious programming for healthier living.


David is available for the following presentations, workshops & individual consultation:


  1. Psych-K Subconscious Reprogramming of Self-Defeating Belief Systems and Creating New, Positive and Productive Belief Systems to enhance performance, self-esteem, confidence and productivity.
  2. Positive Thinking/Greater Possibility Thinking: Learn how to retrain the brain to think more positively and create positive and productive outcomes.
  3. Motivational Training: Learn powerful skills to enhance success and improve self-esteem, confidence and performance.
  4. Dealing with Change & Conflict: Change is constant. Learn effective tools to successfully maneuver through the conflicts or chaos that are a common part of change.
  5. Stress Management: Learn techniques to effectively overcome stress and strategies to live a more stress-free life.
  6. Overcoming Fears: Learn powerful skills to utilize fear as a motivation to create change and take action. Also learn tools to overcome thoughts associated with fear.
  7. Optimal Performance: Learn how to increase productivity, perform at an optimal level, increase sales and create with confidence.
  8. Creating Dreams: Learn how to create vision teams and the five steps to creating goals and dreams.


 “As a medical doctor, I have found that Psych-K is the most powerful transforming process I’ve ever experienced, and the change was immediate. Thanks to Psych-K & David, my life has changed phenomenally for the best!” Mayra Alfonso, MD